Using netmeeting behind nat

Hi, i am using adsl to connect to intenet and the problem is that i can connect to some ip video numbers using netmeeting but cannot do so using a polycom views video conferencing behind a nat - voip/voice/video transmission - tek-tips. Is it possible to detect clients behind a nat but i thought that it's impossible to tell if a device on your network is a router using nat or a client that's . Netmeeting (all versions including 3) is famously unhappy behind nat i've spent a few hours on a few different days trying to find evidence on the net that someone has got it working, but nope. Before a nat device can use a netmeeting directory, nat needs to understand the ldap messages and perform standard nat processing against the ip address information within these messages nat dns alg support. Basic remote desktop behind firewall question different network also behind a firewall how does nat/pat work in this using both netmeeting remote desktop .

I use multiple 'desktop sharing' methods to assist clients, such as netmeeting, realvnc, windows remote desktop with some clients behind a nat firewall, i use netmeeting so they can initiate the. Netmeeting has been largely superseded by other, more up-to-date and nat-compliant protocols such as remote desktop, which have no difficulty with the clients being behind nat routers. More about netmeeting firewall jerry oct 16, 2004 microsoft's kb #158623 only mentions not blocking certain ports when using netmeeting local firewall needed behind hdwr firewall & lan.

Firewall and nat friendly: finds its ways behind firewalls and nat inletex easy meeting clas delivers basic netmeeting functionality on windows 7 and vista. It's located behind a dsl modem, so nat is about all it's got to keep it from being completely overrun (so far doing a pretty good job) i've used netop and pcanywhere plenty, as well as netmeeting - though that was internally on my network only. I have dialup and my ipconfig is showing that my ip address is 680 isnt that behind a nat router also i have dialup though with an internal old modem i cant use p2p at all because i cant find the config web page to login to.

How to connect to my pc using netmeeting without connecting to other pc’s within my lan for example, is the router able to nat incoming connections does it . But nat allows one local netmeeting user to connect to multiple internet users at a time since nat causes your lan to appear as a single computer to the internet, it is impossible to configure other servers the same way on the same lan behind nat. Now you have the main problem of using nat which is port mapping lets assume you have something on a machine you want to appear on the internet as a web application but this is an old . Have you used multiple netmeeting clients behind the firewall or was it for just one client i can open the firewall ports but without one-to-one nat on the internal clients, i'm not sure how customers from the outside would see the machines that were behind the firewall. Above is the overall the design, as i have set up the new firewall and new server in site b,both server join to site a domain so i just want to know anything i need to configure on site b servers if it behind the nat.

Using netmeeting behind nat

Msn doesn't work correctly behind nat without almost totally opening your firewall some nat devices which support upnp mode work maybe astaro will support upnp in the future upnp sounds inherantly unsafe to me though, having the firewall controlled by a another application sounds dodgy . Can someone explain how can i determine if my computer is using a nat (behind a nat) , or if it using its own ip address how can i know if my computer is behind . (clients internal ip will have to use nat to the external ip if behind a proxy server, and tcp port 1720 will have to be opened) netmeeting clients are not .

  • Understanding nat network address translation - or nat - is a networking option that first appeared in vmware workstation 30 nat provides a simple way for virtual machines to use most client applications over almost any type of networ.
  • Discusses how to configure an l2tp/ipsec server behind a nat-t device in windows vista and in windows server 2008.

Are you behind a router or fire wall that it is not possible at all to use microsoft netmeeting with this cable service nat is a network protocol typically . How to use dns server behind nat router ask question up vote 1 down vote favorite i have a local dns server that i want to use, but it's behind a nat router for . Is it possible to host a web server from behind a nat ask question up vote 17 down vote favorite 8 my pc is behind a nat router that has a public ip address if i . Site-to-site ipsec tunnel behind nat you can use any vpn solution that support nat-traversal (nat-t) to establish an ipsec tunnel (as commented by zac67) .

Using netmeeting behind nat
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